Monday, March 16, 2009

Halloween Queens

Welcome to the Castle Parlor!
Please have a seat in the arm chair in the corner by the fireplace and meet each of the Halloween Queens!

My name is Linda Kennon, I don't think anyone in the art world knows me by that name. Most just call me "Gourdie"!
I am married with two sons, one delightful daughter-in-law, a handsome 3 year old grandson and a granddaughter on the way.
I am self taught at what I do, which for the past 20 plus years has been creating with gourds.
I love working with this strange fruit. You will find hundreds of them in and around my home just waiting to be transformed into whatever comes to mind, which is usually Halloween themed.
I use various clays with Apoxie being my favorite.
Please check my blog to see what I will be creating next.
Hi, My name is Diane MacNaughtan. I am a Cake decorator by day and Artist by night.
I have been creating since my mom put my first crayon in my hand. I enjoy drawing and painting, but my medium of choice is clay and paper mache.
I love nothing more then to be tucked into my tiny yellow studio creating a Halloween Character that has been dancing around in my imagination.
My friends call me Paint. It's what I do, most days, what I think about, what makes me happy,what I am. I have sold my artwork since 1992. At Local galleries, gift shops, Folk Art festivals in the beautiful Fingerlakes region of NY and on the internet worldwide. I must say though, I would create if I never sold a thing. Creating , is like having a dear friend, who shares the happy, the sad and everything in between.
I am often asked where I got my ID, paint_misbehavin. It really is a complete sentence, that describes my nature perfectly, "Paint" is the noun and "misbehavin" the verb!
I'm a self taught folk artist working primarily in cloth and clay mediums. The holidays are my favorite, Halloween being chief among them. Come down the rabbit hole with me and let's go on an adventure together!
My name is Karen Harper and I live in a beautiful remote resort area of Washington State. My main interests are being creative, productive, and active every day possible. When I am not in my art studio I long to be outdoors hiking, biking, or skiiing. I also believe in giving-back to my community. I meet with a group of women to make quilts for a local foodbank and I volunteer at the local library (there are sooo many great ART books!!). I am also a notorious night owl. I get highly creative around midnight LOL!
Hi, my name is Tammy Strum and I have worked as a professional artist for over 30 years. I make my home at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Montana. I work in many different mediums but my absolute favorite is sculpting in paper clay. My favorite subject is all things Halloween!!!!! I have loved it ever since I was able to walk out the door with a "trick or treat" bag in my hand. I try to include something unusual in each piece I create. Mostly by using fun materials like glass glitter, trims,crystals, or found objects. I am a highly detailed artist and create one of a kind pieces. No molds or stencils are ever used in my work. Thank you for sharing my work with me.
Greetings!I am Lorraine Gerbi of PieCake Primitives. I create Primitive Folk Art Dolls and other Primitive pieces. All of my pieces are handmade by me. I love Halloween..and I love making all sorts of Halloween inspired dollies. I have been featured in the Fall 2007 Mercantile Gatherings. Also look for my work in the Spring 2010 Art Doll Quarterly, the new Prims magazine which makes it debut April 1, 2010, and the April/May issue of Soft Dolls and Animals.
Lisa Bivona of Pearl Avenue Studios
I am a self taught artist, and have created art, with many mediums for over 20 yrs.
I'm a firm believer in "Just do it", so I experiment! I have always had a great fondness
for anything, vintage Halloween. When I was a child I remember rummaging around in
my Grandmothers storage closet and discovered a box full of old Halloween decorations.
Those memories, were always there, nudging me, reminding me, that witches really do fly over a Halloween moon, that creaky skeletons and ghosties prowl the graveyards, and that each carved Jack-O-Lantern lights the way for trick-or-treaters.
Experimenting with paper mache wasn't easy, but I found that I loved the feel of that pulpy paper squishing between my fingers, and taught myself to create One of a Kind, pieces of folk art.
Hello! I am Candace Navarrete of Howling Moon Designs and reside in the High Desert of Southern CA along with my husband of 31 yrs.
I am a self taught artist working mostly in paper mache and clay,
combining those mediums, along with some gourd work and doll making.
My work could be described as fun, whimsical, folk art...and of course,
Halloween Art is my first love!
I am a self taught folk artist from the "real" northern California. I love to work in many different mediums, and love to create many different types of work from painting landscapes/portraits/folk art on canvas, working in paper mache, making dolls, painting on anything that stays still long enough, and sewing. I have been doing this since 1991 and can't imagine doing anything else!

Greetings! My name is Jamie Moore and I am a self-taught artist from Wichita, Kansas. I enjoy creating one of a kind functional art pieces. My favorite mediums are paper clay and polymer clay, but I am always looking for and experimenting with different ideas. I also enjoy making jewelry and, with the help of my husband, adding led lights to pieces to make them even more unique. I have a real passion for Halloween and always try to incorporate it in all my projects!
My name is Raney White and I make My Home in New England. My favorite time of the Year is Autumn! I think that's why most of My Folk Art has a Halloween Theme to it. That way I can be working on a Painting in the dead of Winter, and with just a stroke of My paint brush, I can feel the crunch of fallen leaves under My feet, or the smell of Apples and Pumpkins as I walk through a Farmers Market on a Saturday afternoon. Or maybe My Palate will take me to Old Salem Village where I can visit with Whimsical New England Witches as they busy themselves with their herb gardens, colorful quilts and harvesting!
Hello! Our entire family contributes to the day to day workings of hand-me-downz, and much of the inspiration to create comes from them: my wonderful, ever-patient husband Richard, our five children, our wonderful daughter-in-law and son-in-law, and our beautiful grandchildren...all artists, writers and musicians. Our unique brand of creativity and whimsy (some might call it just plain weirdness) derives from many sources... laughing moments at the dinner table, sudden insights while driving down the highways here in beautiful Tennessee, the children's artwork or writing, a fabulous vintage find in a local thrift shop ....all have been the creative spark and inspiration for our one-of-a-kind Halloween creations. Halloween is a year-round event at our house! After retiring from my work as a geriatric social worker to be a full-time mom, hand-me-downz was born...It's a wonderful life! We thank you for looking at our offerings, and for your continuing support.
I am a self representing artist and a Mother of five...
OK, so only one of my *children* is actually human,
the rest are feline freeloaders who sort of cajoled and conned their way into my home.
It is to my daughter and my four high maintenance con-artists that I dedicate my art.
I love animals and never met one that I didn't like.
I enjoy painting on a variety of surfaces and creating strange and whimsical Halloween creatures.
Whether I am creating Halloween art, or adorning an old refurbished piece of furniture with one of my colorful fat cat characters,
I like to work in bold colors and my designs tend to lend themselves to the kid in all of us!
All of my feline creations were inspired by my beloved real life "fat cat" characters.
They provide me with a mix of amusement, inspiration, and in some cases downright annoyance!
They (and I) thank you for checking out my bio!
I remember as a small child being happiest with a piece of paper and a pencil in my hand. The adults in my life must have been thrilled that I could be so easily entertained. At least until that period when I pretended to be a dog and bit ankles. Apparently my imagination was thriving.
Fast forward to the present time and you'll find my imagination is still alive and kicking -- I have been seriously creating art (self-taught) off & on for about 30 years, always trying something new but forever coming back to sculpture. My favorite medium is paperclay or papier maché over dried gourds. The appeal that gourds have to me is in the endless possibilities their shapes suggest and I find they are an incredibly sturdy armature for my creations.
Halloween is my favorite holiday, where else can you find such a multitude of motley characters? I grew up reading a steady diet of Creepy and Eerie magazines and I tend to favor the darker side of Halloween so you'll find most of my characters sport a fiendish smile. I rarely do "cute" but can, upon occasion, do silly & sweet. I do love the look of folk art and whimsy & try to incorporate them in my work when it suits.
I hope that you will find my art to your liking and thank you for taking a peek at "who I am"!
My name is Debbie Hutto and I'm a child of the '60's. I live in a little cabin in the woods of East Texas with my husband and two beloved felines. I'm a self-taught folk artist, concentrating mainly on Halloween, and the slightly odd. I love the traditional symbols of Halloween, and collect vintage Halloween memorabilia. I also appreciate the absurd, and have a very dark sense of humor. I work in several different ways, from painting on canvas, to painting on boxes and other functional items, to painting fabric, and last but not least, to clay sculpting. I've been creative for almost as long as I can remember. As a kid, I was never without pencil and paper, teaching myself to draw from comic books and Mad Magazine{Mort Drucker was my idol}. Decades later, I bought myself some artist brushes and a how-to book and haven't stopped since. I get my inspiration from vintage Halloween items, which I collect, and from books, movies, and oddly, music. Just listen to a song called "Horse Head Fiddle" by an old group named 16 Horsepower, and you'll understand what I mean.
When someone asks, "What do you do"?, I respond "I'm a Halloween folk artist". I always get a weird look, which I might sketch on a piece of paper for use in a future project. I don't care if I get weird looks. I'm doing what I was born to do.
My Name is Shirley Olsen. I live in Ohio, near Lake Erie. I have been married to my wonderful hubby for 24 years. We have two beautiful daughters and two lovely grand daughters~
I also have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and a Maine coon cat name Jinx.
I am a self taught artist and have been painting and creating art for over thirty years. I paint mostly using Acrylics but also like to sculpt . My favorite subject is the Black Cat.
I started painting black cats in memory of a very special feline I had for many years. His name was 'Black Cat' of course!
I particularly like the challenge of painting very detailed pieces.
Some of my favorite art is created on what I call “natures canvas” these are very dimensional pieces of wood tree fungus.
I create Halloween and Christmas Art all year long.
Thanks for stopping by~ Shirley
Hi my name is Wanda and I would like to welcome you. I'm 46 and a mother of two wonderful boys Charlie 14 and Will 19. I have a wonderful husband Mitch that I have been with for twenty great years.
My passion is doll making. I make all types of primitive dolls especially witches. I can truly say I love it totally. It lets me express myself in whole new way. I love doing dolls with lots of detail. Most of my dolls fall more into the folk art. I love to use lots of colors in my work. It has totally taken my life over and I just couldn't imagine life without doing my dolls now. Hope you enjoy your visit!! Wanda
I live high on the bluffs of the Mississippi River in Natchez, Mississippi with my husband and one spoiled Scottish Terrier.
My adventure in figurative sculpting or dollmaking, began with cloth dolls and I even had my own pattern line at one time. But,
when I discovered all the different clays a whole new world opened up and I have not looked back. All of my figures are One
of a Kind (OOAK) sculpted without the use of any molds. For sculpting, I use paper clay, polymer clay and apoxie clay and try to use vintage/antique
fabric, lace and buttons for the costumes.
I am a member of two juried organizations, ODACA and Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi and my work has been published in numerous publications
My name is JoEllen Laurita and I am the designer of BeFRuiTFul KReaTioNS Art work. For about 10 years now I have been selling my primitive artwork. I create a
wonderful Variety of primitive artist dolls, Dimensional rug hooked creations, Seasonal creations and so much more, all with a Whimsical Touch. I love creating for Halloween. You just never now what art medium I might try my hand at so stop by often to see what's brewing in my cauldron at BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS.
Hi my name is Denice Smith,
I live in Utah. I am married, 33 years, we have 6 children, 5 girls (thought I was done, then 11 1/2 years later) a son.Four married daughters, as of now I have 14 grandchildren.
I love to make things, paint, sew, sculpt, wood. For presents I have received a skill saw, band saw, router, jig saw, etc. I reupholster furniture, stencil, paint walls and paint pictures on them! I am the one that built the addition on our house! (With a lot of help.)
Halloween is my hobbie, I "Haunt my yard" we have a walk through on October weekends. I belong to a local Halloween group, where we make props all year! And I put up a "Haunted Believe It or Not" museum.
I sell "creepy" sideshow gaff, corpses, spell books, potion bottles, teeth, eyes, Halloween clocks and anything Halloween!
I am "creates4fun"!!!!!
Carmen Ellis is a self-taught artist. Born in Indiana, She took to art as soon as she was able to hold a crayon. Throughout her childhood, she developed an appreciation for the surreal & the whimsical and the paranormal. Her first cartoon like character was what she called a Greeblie. It looked a bit like a dust bunny with antennas. She would often sit for hours with pencils and pad dreaming up fantasy drawings and making comic strips. Her childhood love for Halloween, Sammy Terri and the late night horror movie turned into her now creepy cute folk art characters. Carmen was even her high school year book cartoonist with a small strip called Nemrac.
Now Older and wiser her love for art has turned into a fufilling home business. She gets to do what she loves from the comfort of her home. Being home for her children was always a top priority in her life. With the support of her loving husband and her children she will keep creating her gothic whimsical Folk art hoping to get some smiles from buyers and lookers.