Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Light And Shadow Studio

Pumpkins and Autumn Leaves
Thank You!

I love Fall and I just completed my last bunch of Jack O' lanterns happily rolling in their Autumn leaves. These are so fun! I found this wonderful weathered wooden tray with handles that is perfect to hold these little cuties. It's 18" by 6" so there is plenty of extra room for candles or even some candy. This is so eye catching sitting on a dining room table or by the front door. There is 5 of them all together and they are buffalo gourds with paper clay sculpted stems on top and about 3" tall. These are 5 brand new Jack O' Lantern designs from me. The candles are not included but the tray and the beautiful tiny silk leaves are. These are one of a kind originals and no molds are ever used. A unique piece to add to your Halloween collection.
Thank you for sharing my art with me.

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